The Polygon Pilgrimage is my documentation and sharing of my life long journey towards becoming a better artist each and every day.  While the focus of my art is largely 3D in nature I fully encourage all artists to pursue their craft and hone it.

The term Pilgrimage in The Polygon Pilgrimage refers only to the word’s definition: “a journey, especially a long one, made to some place as an act of devotion” and in no way contains or carries any religious or spiritual meaning or intention.  Any argument or statement to the contrary is wrong and will not be recognized.

Any artist is free to be a part of the Polygon Pilgrimage and is encouraged to do so.  Being a Pilgrim simply means that one has taken upon the mantel of improving their skills daily.

Some fellow Pilgrims are listed on the Links page as special recognition to their assistance with the Pilgrimage or their dedicated representation of what it means to be on this journey.  These individuals are my mentors and my friends and I highly recommend watching their career’s and advice closely.  You will learn a lot!

I sincerely hope that you enjoy the content provided here and continue to grow your skills, talents and abilities.


Matt Parkin

The Polygon Pilgrimage Founder

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